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Supported activities

On this page you will find all EIC grants. Including those that are currently open and in the process of opening. A call for applications may be open for a fixed period or for a longer period until the budget for the call is exhausted. On this page you can also find the grants under which projects are already implemented.

Photos: EIC, City of Tartu, Viimsi Rural Municipality, City of Võru, and Pexels.

51 Grants

13 Open rounds

Metsa istutamine

Support for reforestation

We support the purchasing and planting of forest plants, the preparation of forest land, and the maintenance of forest crops.


About to open

Forest measure

We support a range of maintenance activities in the forest.


In preparation
Kohalike omavalitsuste ringmajanduse pilootprojektid

Circular economy pilot projects

The purpose of the grant is to contribute to the development of the circular economy and the introduction of more environmentally friendly solutions by the public sector.

Circular economy

In preparation
Kaasrahastamise programm

Co-financing programme 

We support projects that receive core funding from external sources (such as LIFE, Interreg, etc.).


In preparation
Võõrliikide tõrje

Ecosystem resilience increased

The purpose of the grant is to progress towards the favourable/good status of native species and habitats, increased resilience of ecosystems to the pressures of climate change and alien species, and mitigation measures implemented to avoid further spread of alien species.

Nature conservation

In preparation

Environmental loan 

We provided a loan to guarantee the co-financing of water projects financed by the Cohesion Fund (CF).

Water management

In preparation
Merekeskkonna programm

Marine environment programme 

We support the implementation of the actions outlined in the Action Plan of the Estonian Marine Strategy, as well as various research, development, and pollution response activities.

Marine environmental

In preparation
Kliimateadlikkuse suurendamine

Raising awareness on climate change

The results of the grant is to raise awareness of climate change adaption and mitigation among children and young people, as well as teachers and specialists of the environmental education centre.

Environmental awareness