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Purchase of electric buses and creation of the charging infrastructure 


In preparation


Heitkogustega kauplemise süsteem (HKS)

We support the purchase of electric buses and the establishment of charging infrastructure. 

The call for applications is not open; the projects that have received funding are in the process of implementation. 

The aim of the grant was to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the Estonian transport sector through the introduction of electric buses and to collect and analyse data on the consumption and charging of electric buses to contribute to the development of electric transport. 

What was eligible for the grant? 

  • The purchase of at least 8 low-floor electric buses for use in urban public transport routes. 
  • The purchase, design and construction of charging infrastructure for electric buses. 
  • The performance of data analysis, to collect, share and analyse information obtained in the operation of electric buses in comparison to diesel and gas buses. 

Who was eligible for the grant? 

  • Local authority, public transport centre or other competent authority within the meaning of the Public Transport Act; 
  • A carrier operating urban services with a public service contract valid for at least five years from 2 August 2021.  

Grants are awarded in Estonian and more information can be found on the EIC website here.