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Kindergarten and basic school field trips 


In preparation


Keskkonnaprogramm (KP)

We support the participation of basic school classes and pre-school groups in active learning programmes. 

The call for applications is not open; the projects that have received funding are in the process of implementation. 

The purpose of the environmental awareness programme is to establish an understanding that human beings are a part of nature, the sustainability of our economic activities and culture depends on nature, and there should be a balance between environmental protection and use. 

What activities do we support? 

The EIC supports the participation of basic school classes and nursery school and preschool groups in active learning programmes involving nature and environmental education centres or companies related to environmental protection and use, where the pupils participate in active (experiential, operational, research, discovery, etc.) activities in the learning process.  


  • The application can be submitted by the educational institution or its operator. 
  • The grant can be applied for a nursery school or preschool group or a basic school class. 
  • The grant will be distributed on the basis of a unit price, the amount of which per group/class/study group per school year will be determined by the EIC Council when announcing the call for applications. The grant can be used to fund an active learning programme and transport. 

Grants are awarded in Estonian and more information can be found on the EIC website here.