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About us

The Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) is a provider of modern, intelligent, and effective solutions in the Estonian environmental landscape. For this purpose, we are developing practicable solutions, finding cooperation and financing opportunities, both in Estonia and internationally, providing competent services, and carrying out projects.

KIKi meeskond

EIC was founded in 2000, and during this time we have been the central funder of environmental projects in Estonia. With the support of various sources of financing, we have helped to implement the activities in the scope of several ministries. With our help, more than 20,000 environmental projects have been carried out with a total of more than EUR 2 billion in grants.

Alongside our roles as grant mediators and supervisors, together with our good partners, we have set up and run projects to deliver the necessary practical actions and bring in extra funds to meet Estonia’s environmental and climate goals.

EIC belongs to the administration area of the Ministry of the Environment.

Strategy for 2020-2024

The strategy document defines the fundamentals governing the functioning of the EIC as an organisation, in order to best achieve the EIC’s objectives and to establish a clear basis for the development and working principles of the organisation, on both a short and a long term basis.

Vision, mission, and values

Strategic objectives and target activities

Based on its vision, the EIC’s activities could be divided into three strategic directions of development, the effectiveness of which can be measured and which have a clear cause-and-effect connection between the EIC’s contribution and the result.