• 12. January 2021 | 11:30

    On 11 January, the Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) opened an application round for environmental projects supported from State funds, which welcomes local governments, non-profit associations, foundations, entrepreneurs, universities, educational institutions, apartment associations and sole proprietors to submit projects. The budget for the round is EUR 11,828,000, and the deadline for submitting applications is 1 March 2021.

  • 03. December 2020 | 16:58

    The Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) together with the Land Board added to the map the restored areas of semi-natural biotic communities along with the grants and the investments necessary for their maintenance, which have been supported via application rounds for European Union structural funds.

  • 30. November 2020 | 10:23

    The Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) has opened a call for applications to help organise the recycling of biodegradable waste. More specifically, this concerns waste water sediment, kitchen and canteen waste, and garden and landscaping waste.

    “Considering the obligation to collect more and more bio-waste at the source where the waste is generated, there is a growing need to recycle it,” explains Minister of the Environment Rain Epler. “There are also new ways to reuse waste water sediment. This is why we decided to support investment in such solutions.”

  • 13. November 2020 | 18:11

    The environmentally friendliest local government in Estonia in 2019 was Saaremaa Rural Municipality. The city of Rakvere and the city of Tartu were also nominated for the competition organised by the Ministry of the Environment and the Environmental Investment Centre (EIC).

  • 13. November 2020 | 18:06

    From 13 November, it is once again possible to submit applications for the purchase of all-electric vehicles in the E-support environment. Submission of applications will start on 15 December at 9:00. The amount of support per vehicle is EUR 5,000 and the price of an electric vehicle may be up to EUR 50,000 (excluding VAT). Those who have received support from the first round cannot re-apply.

  • 14. September 2020 | 15:48

    Starting on 14 September, the Environmental Investments Centre (EIC) will begin accepting applications for projects that will help developing countries mitigate climate change. The deadline for submitting applications is 17.00 on 17 November 2020.

  • 18. August 2020 | 15:29

    The Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) announces an application round to support investments necessary for the restoration and maintenance of semi-natural communities. Applications will be accepted from 28 August.

  • 25. June 2020 | 21:31

    The Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) entered into a public contract with public limited company Ragn-Sells for recycling scrap tyres; the company will remove and reutilise about 14,000 tonnes of scrap tyres that have been stored at Raadi over the years. The former military airfield will be clean of tyres by the end of this year.

  • 19. June 2020 | 10:41

    The Supervisory Board of the Environmental Investments Centre (EIC) decided to support 735 projects from the national environmental monitoring programme in the amount of EUR 16,964,018. Grants were given to environmental projects in eight areas across Estonia.

  • 08. June 2020 | 16:46

    The EUR 10,000 main prize of the Environmental Investment Centre’s (EIC) Negavatt Energy Saving Competition for young people aged 18–30 went to EIMU, a non-dairy milk made from raw materials sourced from Estonia.