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Support for a forest association


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Grant from the Government of the Republic

We support the activities of forest associations made up of private forest owners.

Support can be applied for by forest associations that have:

1) at least 400 members as at the end of the calendar year preceding the application;

2) qualified to apply for the support;

3) a decision of the general meeting adopted not earlier than in the calendar year immediately preceding the year in which the application is submitted, indicating the consent of its members to apply for support, if the statutes do not provide for the right to apply for support on behalf of the members of the forest association;

4) a concluded employment contract, a contract for services or another contract in the form of a contract of under the law of obligations with a consultant meeting the requirements set forth in subsection 10 (51) of the Forest Act (only when applying for consultancy support).

Forest associations can also apply for support jointly.

Grants are awarded in Estonian and more information can be found on the EIC website here.