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Estonia is looking for green solutions for developing countries

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The Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) and the Ministry of the Environment are inviting green technology authorities to ask for support for projects that contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing countries for the fifth time from today, 7 February. The state has so far supported 23 projects in developing countries with nearly 3.7 million euros. This time, green solutions will be supported with € 951,200. 

According to the Minister of the Environment Madis Kallas, the Estonian state contributes to international climate cooperation in order to help those most affected by climate change. “Such climate co-operation will not only be beneficial for the developing countries, but it will also provide an excellent opportunity for Estonian companies, NGOs and universities to put their green ideas on the international market,” says the Minister of the Environment.

Ööle Janson, the EIC project coordinator of developing countries, says that in order for the project to succeed, there must be a specific idea and a partner country's desire to contribute. “Our companies and universities have been very good at implementing projects in developing countries so far, despite the obstacles caused by COVID-19, the energy crisis and supply difficulties. Cultural and state differences have also been successfully dealt with,” says Janson. “Executing a project in a developing country requires smart planning and an open mind, but the result is a new and unforgettable experience and contacts gained that will continue to contribute to climate cooperation,” he adds.

To the call for proposals, the EIC is looking forward to the projects which contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing countries designated as beneficiaries of development aid by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Projects in Armenia, Botswana, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Ukraine, Kenya, North Macedonia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Namibia are particularly welcome. Applications are invited in all areas that contribute to the project's chosen developing country's climate objectives, as defined by the OECD methodology, the Rio markers.

The minimum support per project is EUR 30,000 and the maximum support is EUR 200,000. The duration of the project can be up to 36 months. All legal persons registered in Estonia may apply. Applications can be submitted until 17.00 on 10 April 2023, in the E-toetus environment. The information day for the call for proposals will be held online on 17 February at 10:00. Additional information on the support and information day can be found on the EIC homepage.

Background information

The International Paris Climate Agreement requires developed countries to help developing countries mitigate and adapt to climate change. Under the terms of the Agreement, Estonia has pledged to contribute one million euros annually to international climate cooperation and the climate policy goals of developing countries.

Since 2019, the EIC and the Ministry of the Environment have supported 23 projects in developing countries with nearly € 3.7 million. Supported activities have been carried out in a wide range of locations such as Kenya, Bangladesh, Grenada, Georgia, Costa Rica, Pakistan, Namibia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ukraine, South Africa and others. For example, Spacedrip is contributing to the development of a wastewater treatment system in Kenya, HC Intelligence is developing an energy storage system with virtual power plant functionality in Tanzania, and NGO Mondo is setting up solar-powered mobile learning centres in refugee camps in Kenya. All supported projects can be found on the EIC website here.

The funds to support developing countries come from auctioning revenues from emissions trading as well as from the measure “Estonia's contribution to international climate cooperation” in the state budget strategy 2023-2026.


Kati Raudsaar

Kati Raudsaar


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