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EIC to highlight the topics of greenwashing and the city of the future at the Opinion Festival

Projects implemented by EIC
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The Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) invites you to take part in the Opinion Festival on 12–13 August, where you can have your say on the topics of the credibility of environmental claims and the city of the future. Specifically, discussions on the future living environment will take place on 12 August at 14.00 and 13 August at 12.00.

The discussion on the credibility of environmental claims will be chaired by Peter Gornischeff, Green Footprint Project Manager at EIC. ‘Included in the advertising text of many companies are claims that they have a small environmental footprint or that their product is ecological. There is no doubt that the thoughtful actions taken by businesses and their sustainable products and services contribute to a smaller environmental footprint. But we cannot always be sure of the reliability of such claims.  It is also difficult for consumers to find their way around with such claims,’ says Gornischeff.

Joining Peter will be Susanna Vain, from Sustinere; Kerli Paas, from the joint agency of Enterprise Estonia/KredEx; Andres Kangur, from Thermory; and Triin Sakermaa, from the Baltic Environmental Forum, to discuss the topic of environmental credibility, on Friday, 12 August at 14.00.

On Saturday, 13 August at 12.00, the Future City discussion will be chaired by EIC financial expert Merilin Iital. ‘We all know that population growth is on the rise and urbanisation is taking place. An environmentally friendly city offering a high quality of life is designed with green spaces, buildings and environmentally friendly transport. How to make our cities sustainable and improve the quality of life within them is a separate question,’ says Iital. ‘At the Opinion Festival, we will reflect on what our cities will look like in 30 or 100 years’ time, and what we need to be doing today to make the cities of the future liveable and environmentally friendly.’ 

Merilin will be joined by Ralf-Martin Soe, from TalTech’s FinEst Centre for Smart Cities; architect Indrek Allmann; and Madle Lippus, from the City of Tallinn. Before and during the discussion, you can also look at the ideas children have concerning the city of the future, which they submitted to the EIC mini Negavat competition in 2021, when the theme was ‘A World Drowning in Cities’.

Both EIC discussions will take place in the area of the Future of Living, with a total of nine different discussions taking place over two days. The Future Living Area located in square No. 3. A more detailed programme, together with longer descriptions of the content here, is available here. Information about Future Living Environment discussions is also available on Facebook.

In addition, on Friday, 12 August at 22.30, the EIC and Green Tiger will sign a goodwill cooperation agreement on the second birthday of Green Tiger to further enhance cross-sectoral cooperation and boost the green turnaround so that 1+1=3. All interested parties are invited to the Green Co-operation Area to witness and celebrate the signing of the agreement. Detailed information can be found here.

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