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EIC and Green Tiger begin working together to make the green transition a reality

Projects implemented by EIC
Hea tahte koostöölepingu allkirjastamine Image: Jannus Jaska

The Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) and Green Tiger signed a goodwill cooperation agreement at the Opinion Festival, to further enhance cross-sectoral cooperation and give impetus to the green transition in such a way that 1+1=3.

It is the common wish of the EIC and Green Tiger to support Estonia’s transition to climate neutrality and the circular economy, and to preserve Estonia’s biodiversity and people, which is why a goodwill cooperation agreement in the field of green cooperation was signed on Friday, 12 August, at the Opinion Festival, in Paide. The cooperation agreement contributes to the exchange of information on funding opportunities and support measures, as well as innovation on environmental issues. Specific activities for the following year are agreed upon in the 4th quarter of each previous year.

‘The successful launch of the green transition requires swift and joint action by all sectors. The cooperation agreement is significant as it will be significantly easier to bring together public, private and third sector partners in the future. This, in turn, makes it possible for us to work together to identify sore spots, needs and solutions much faster,’ said Eva Truuverk, Project Manager at Green Tiger.

‘The goodwill cooperation agreement provides an opportunity to find, together with all parties, those bottlenecks that need to be fixed, to set goals for solving them, and to carry out actions that are valuable to our living environment. The EIC has years of experience and knowledge as a promoter of projects in the field of the environment and climate, which will definitely provide input to discussions and finding the necessary solutions,’ said Andrus Treier, CEO of EIC. ‘Our partners are important to us and we sincerely believe that together we can do more!,’ Treier added.  

What will mainly change, where will contributions be made?

Cooperation and funding opportunities

• The EIC and Green Tiger bring together parties, i.e., public, private and third sector partners, inviting them to participate in discussions and gathering input on problems, while demonstrating needs and solutions.

• Pan-European direct aid will be implemented via the green transition. The EIC is looking for additional national and international funding and cooperation opportunities for the projects of the EIC and its partners (companies, the public sector, research institutions, and the third sector, including Green Tiger).

• Existing practices are being rethought in the prism of sustainability. The EIC can bring similar innovation needs to the state. Green Tiger has a network of companies and researchers and conducts dialogues with civil society to design innovative and comprehensive green solutions.

• In 2021, the EIC and Green Tiger participated together in the COP26 climate conference, in Glasgow, to find partners and bring current topics to Estonia. Cooperation with such forms of international cooperation will continue, with contacts and tools being exchanged in the networks of both institutions.

New support measures, including supporting local authorities in the green transition

• The Economic and Scientific Committees of Green Tiger analyse various environmental topics and, as a result, thematic roadmaps are offered. Green Tiger advises state institutions, including the EIC, on where to direct investments, and involves the EIC in discussions on environmental and climate issues in its committees.

• Green Tiger, together with environmental associations, encourages local governments to develop rapidly in the green transition and offers a leap in development in the form of the Green Tiger Academy. The EIC has several grants and services for local governments, including companies in their region. The EIC uses the information received from Green Tiger in the development of measures, and Green Tiger helps to bring changes to local governments and make sense of them.

Information exchange and communication on environmental issues

• Green Tiger is the initiator and implementer of strategic projects and also provides a platform for other parties to implement environmental projects. Green Tiger picks up and systematises the social order in order to forward it to state institutions, including the EIC. The EIC is familiar with the laws of the state and the logic of the budget, and understands the needs and feedback of its customers.

• Green Tiger is able to manage changes in society and explain them. In providing knowledge and activities aimed at the members of Green Tiger, the EIC provides information on support opportunities in the implementation of the green transition.

• Green Tiger organises climate assemblies at the local, regional and national level to work together with residents to decide upon key environmental issues, while accelerating development and action. Green Tiger mediates the signals received by the EIC on environmental issues and the state's need for action.

• Green Tiger participates in the expert committee on green transition, the task force of the EIC. There is a mutual exchange of information about what is happening.

Hea tahte koostöölepingu allkirjastamine

Hea tahte koostöölepingu allkirjastamine