Achieving climate policy goals in developing countries

Last updated on 07.02.2022 Emission Trading System

Information about the measure

Activities are supported which help developing countries alleviate climate change and adjust to its effects.

The objective of the application round is to bring knowledge and solutions in the field of green technology developed in Estonia to developing countries. The solution must be specific, adhere to the needs of the target country and must conform to the measure. Also being supported, are activities needed for increasing the capacity and capabilities of developing countries. The connection between the expected results of the project and climate change must be definable in connection with OECD methodology (so-called Rio markers).

The target countries in the application round are all of the countries designated as development aid recipients in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Preference in the granting of aid

The project application related activities for support may be part of the following fields:

  • energy field (for example, renewable energy production, energy conservation, energy storage)
  • waste handling (for example, waste handling technologies);
  • field of transportation (for example, transportation releasing minimal greenhouse gases, alternative mobility systems);
  • field of construction (for example, reduction of construction-related greenhouse gases increasing the binding of carbon, passive solar energy use, on-site generation of renewable energy);
  • agriculture (for example, organic agriculture, sustainable crop farming, sustainable animal husbandry);
  • forestry (for example, binding of carbon in forestry, agroforestry);
  • water economy (for example, collecting of rainwater, cleaning and separation, drinking water and wastewater processing);
  • prevention of erosion and flooding and reducing the negative effects thereof (for example, flood monitoring technologies);
  • catastrophe prevention and the reduction of negative effects (for example, catastrophe monitoring systems);
  • information and communications technology;
  • increasing capacity and capability pursuant to Article 11 of the Paris Agreement (for example, in applying adaptation and alleviation activities, promoting the development, distribution and adoption of technology, simplifying access to climate financing, promoting relevant aspects relating to education, training and public awareness).

 Support can be applied for by:

  • a legal person registered in the Republic of Estonia;
  • a government authority or an authority administered by it;
  • a local government authority or an authority administered by it.

The maximum duration of the project is three years.

The budget for the application round is EUR 967 000. 

The minimum support per project is EUR 30,000 and the maximum is EUR 200,000. When paying support, the rules governing European Union state assistance or de minimis aid will be applied, if they are relevant.

The application process will be in Estonian. Additional information is available from the EIC’s Estonian language homepage.