• 22. July 2010 | 16:04

    With financing decisions signed at the Environmental Investment Centre 14 projects, all dealing with the infrastructure of the environmental education, will receive altogether 350 million Estonian kroons from the European Regional Development Fund. With it, to bring but one example, the Environmental Board and the State Forest Management Centre will update their network of education centres, Nature Museum and Pärnu Nature Centre will get the long awaited modernization.

  • 13. July 2010 | 16:02

    26 financing decisions for different nature conservation projects were signed in the Environmental Investment centre. Altogether the projects receive 49 million Estonian kroons aid money from the European Regional Development Fund which is more than twice more than previously planned. Financially biggest projects are the reconstruction of the North-east pond in Kadriorg Park and restoring biological diversity at the Väikese Väina conservation area.

  • 11. May 2010 | 15:58

    The Environmental Investments Centre (EIC) today celebrates its 10th year of operation with environmental conference "Nature protection starts from awareness", which is focussed on the links between the people's awareness and behaviour and the environmental impact of that behaviour. At the end of the conference the good cooperation partner and friend of the environment award Ant of the Year 2010 will be awarded.

  • 26. April 2010 | 15:32

    The Environmental Investments Centre approved five waste recovery projects, the most interesting ones of which are the intention of Rexest Grupp OÜ to start producing construction materials out of plastic waste and the plan of Horizon Tissue OÜ to give the collected used paper packaging a new life as soft tissue paper. The five projects will be granted nearly 93.8 million kroons from the European Union Cohesion Fund, which will be supplemented by the beneficiaries' self-financing.

  • 15. March 2010 | 14:25

    The Environmental Investments Centre approved the application submitted by the Estonian Meteorology and Hydrology Institute (EMHI) to modernise the Estonian environmental monitoring network, one of the many tasks of which is to provide operative information to the public and to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts.