• 11. June 2013 | 16:40

    Today, a sustainable nature centre shall be opened in Iisaku. The building is a part of the Environmental Board’s nature centre network development project that EIC is supporting with EUR 1.4 million in total.

  • 07. June 2013 | 13:10

    The yearbook gives on overview of the intermediation of foreign funds, channelling Estonia’s environmental charges as well as the development of the whole organisation. In 2012, EIC made more disbursements for environmental projects than in the previous three years combined.

  • 22. May 2013 | 10:30

    The electricity and heat cogeneration plant of Kuressaare Soojus is opened in Kuressaare, which the Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) supported with roughly EUR 3.2 million from the proceeds of the sale of CO2 quota entered into with Austria. The construction of the plant started in 2011 and today it is ready to operate at full capacity.

  • 20. May 2013 | 12:13

    In Valga, a reconstructed waste water treatment system was opened, which meets the current needs of the city and leaves room for expansion. The investment in the project totalled EUR 1,530,783 of which 82% (EUR 1,262,130) was received as a grant from the European Union Cohesion Fund through the foundation Environmental Investments Centre (EIC). The remaining share was invested by the city of Valga and AS Valga Vesi.

  • 22. April 2013 | 13:35

    The Supervisory Board of the foundation Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) approved the foundation’s annual report for 2012, according to which the volume of grants increased in all fields. EUR 40.6 million was paid out from the Environmental Programme and EUR 200 million from the European Union structural funds together with co-financing. In 2012, the balance sheet total for EIC was over EUR 192 million and the special purpose loan portfolio was about EUR 80 million.

  • 22. April 2013 | 13:29

    Foundation Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) grants EUR 18.9 million for the development of environmentally friendly tram traffic in Tallinn. The grant is designated for reconstructing the infrastructure of tram-line No. 4, with the money coming from the European Union Cohesion Fund. While the Cohesion Fund instruments have previously been used for environmental water and waste management projects, then EIC has never before mediated a grant for the development of sustainable transport.

  • 22. April 2013 | 13:21

    Foundation Environmental Investments Centre (EIC) gave 15 waste projects about EUR 9 million. The majority of projects involve waste recycling. Thanks to the projects supported, the use of new resources, and thereby the load on the environment, will decrease. The instruments for allocating the grant are obtained from the European Union Cohesion Fund.

  • 09. April 2013 | 08:23

    All in all, 1020 applications were received in the first application round of the Environment Programme.

  • 26. February 2013 | 08:22

    The 4th application round for improving the state of watercourses, funded by the Cohesion Fund, ended in the Environmental Investment Centre (KIK), receiving 16 applications for funding with a total request of funding in the amount of 3.2 million Euros.

  • 26. February 2013 | 08:11

    Environmental Investment Centre (Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus, KIK) received 20 applications for investment aid for the water industry by the 25th of January. In total, an additional 79.3 million Euros are requested to be invested into Estonian water industry, in which aid from the Cohesion Fund would comprise 65.3 million.