Tootsi Turvas to receive EUR 101,000 from the state to avoid residues from manufacture

10. November 2017 | 12:31

The foundation Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) is supporting Tootsi Turvas with EUR 101,730 from the European Regional Development Fund. The company will invest the funds into purchasing a mobile hog shredder and building a stump shred storage site in Pärnu. The total cost of the project is EUR 406,921.

The aim of the project is to reduce the loss of resources in the production of peat and to avoid residues from the manufacturing process. A hog shredder enables the entire biomass of bog stumps to be utilised and almost 200 000 m³ of chips to be produced over a period of ten years, which, in turn, is directed towards the production of thermal energy.

‘Since the rate of utilisation of tree stumps gathered from bogs has been approximately 15%, the investment will enable us to use almost all of the collected stumps to produce high-quality bio fuel,’ said Matti Puuronen, Chairman of the Management Board. ‘In addition, we will be saving 80,000 litres of diesel fuel over a period of ten years, which would otherwise have been spent on moving the stumps and looking for alternative fields of use.’

The investment project of Tootsi Turvas AS was preceded by an integral analysis of resource use carried out by OÜ Pilvero.

Support for enhancing the resource efficiency of industrial undertakings is granted from the European Regional Development Fund (ERF) under the “Energy and resource efficiency of undertakings” measure developed by the Ministry of the Environment in co-operation with the EIC. The application round is open, with additional information on resource audits intended for processing industry undertakings as well as the application round of investments available on the EIC’s website.

The prerequisite for the investment is carrying out a resource audit in the company. Support can be applied for from EIC for that as well. The contact information of companies carrying out resource audits can be found HERE. The Ministry of the Environment recently announced the next training programme for twenty-five experts in energy and resource management.

Background information:

The reason for supporting resource efficiency is to increase the resource productivity of Estonian processing industry undertakings via the adoption of innovative solutions. It additionally provides an opportunity to increase the reliability of processes and products, in order to reduce interruptions in the daily operation of undertakings and to ensure their normal functioning. 

Until the year 2020, nearly EUR 108 million will be distributed to improve the resource efficiency of undertakings. The budget for this year’s application round is EUR 25 million and is open to investment applications from companies whose principal activities are in the food, wood, paper and pulp, mineral material processing or mining industries.

The Environmental Investment Centre finances various environmental projects using funds from Estonian environmental charges, income from the sale of carbon dioxide quotas, and from the Structural Funds of the European Union. In addition, the Environmental Investment Centre accepts applications for a loan for specific purposes aimed at implementing environmental projects. Over a period of seventeen years, the state has supported more than 20,000 environmental projects with more than EUR 1.2 billion via the Environmental Investment Centre.