The state will support projects with more than EUR 20 million

21. June 2017 | 09:47

The Supervisory Board of the Environmental Investments Centre decided to support 728 projects from the environmental programme in the amount of EUR 20,317,062. Projects from ten fields across Estonia will be supported. Also, Siim Kiisler, the Minister of the Environment, was appointed the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of EIC.

The largest amounts will be directed to the water economy, followed by environmental awareness and waste handling. Compared to the initial plan, it proved possible to increase the budget for the round thanks to previously supported projects, which were either performed at a lower cost or cancelled.

A total of 845 projects in the amount of EUR 35,186,899 were submitted to the Foundation Environmental Investments Centre’s environmental programme. There were 816 projects that met the requirements and the total sum was EUR 31,893,266. Twelve of them were extraordinary applications.

A more detailed view of the financed projects can be seen in the Financed Projects section on the website of the Environmental Investments Centre.

Due to the decline in resource charges, the Environmental Investments Centre opened the call for proposals in a limited scope in 2017. Projects from ten fields are being supported from this call for proposals: water economy, waste handling, management of environment, nature conservation, forestry, fishery, protection of atmospheric air, marine environment, earth’s crust, and environmental awareness.

The Environmental Investments Centre finances various environmental projects using funds form Estonian environmental charges, income from the sale of carbon dioxide quotas, and from the Structural Funds of the European Union. In addition, the Environmental Investments Centre accepts applications for a loan for specific purposes aimed at implementing environmental projects. Over a period of seventeen years, the state has supported more than 20,000 environmental projects with more than EUR 1.2 billion via the Environmental Investments Centre.