The state supports the renewal of the water management infrastructure of the industrial area in Maardu with 4.2 million euros

07. August 2017 | 11:35

The state-owned foundation Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) supports the reconstruction and expansion of the water management infrastructure of Kroodi creek near Maardu with 4,246,810 euros from the Cohesion Fund to which the beneficiary, OÜ Kroodi Vesi, will add another 637,021 euros. As a result of the works, the environmental risks related to Kroodi creek have been managed for time to come.

The objective of the project was to bring the common water and sewage supply system in the Kroodi industrial area in the town of Maardu into compliance with the applicable requirements. The project involves the protection of groundwater, the quality of drinking water as well as the collection and purification of waste water. Also, a common water and sewage supply system will be constructed in the area of Maardu by the lake, to ensure the quality of service for close to half a thousand new clients.

“Pollution has accumulated in Kroodi creek for decades and now this project has been initiated to eliminate the pollution. Among others, the condition of the body of water can be improved by the reconstruction of the water management infrastructure in the vicinity of the creek,” said Priit Parktal, Head of the Grants Unit at the EIC.

The project will be realised from the structural aid measure “Development of the water management infrastructure” of 2014–2020, that was developed by the Ministry of the Environment.

In parallel with Kroodi creek, the state is carrying out several projects to eliminate both the earlier pollution as well as the current hazards. The cleaning of Kroodi creek, commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment and financed by the EIC, will be completed by the end of 2021.

Additional information:

Kroodi creek was dug between Lake Maardu and Muuga Bay in 1893 and for a long time, large industrial areas have been located on its banks — Maardu industrial area on the left bank and the territory of the former AS Eesti Fosforiit on the right bank.

Water quality in Kroodi creek was at its worst in the sixties and seventies, when even the most basic water protection measures were not taken. When compared to the second half of the past century, water quality has improved markedly, but the outlet of the precipitation water of the former AS Eesti Fosforiit and the outlet of the excavation water of Maardu remain the most prominent sources of pollution.

The Environmental Investment Centre finances various environmental projects using funds from Estonian environmental charges, income from the sale of carbon dioxide quotas, and from the Structural Funds of the European Union. In addition, the Environmental Investment Centre accepts applications for a loan for specific purposes aimed at implementing environmental projects. Over a period of seventeen years, the state has supported more than 20,000 environmental projects with more than EUR 1.2 billion via the Environmental Investment Centre Foundation.


Foto: H. Timm