The renovated area of Keila railway station connects different types of mobility

31. August 2017 | 10:08

Today, on 28 August at 1 PM, the renovated area of Keila railway station along with the accompanying cycle and pedestrian tracks and car parks will be opened in Keila. The total cost of the project is 983,417 euros, to which the state provides 681,055 euros from the resources of the European Cohesion Fund through the Environmental Investment Centre (EIC).

Keila railway station is a node on the electric railway lines of Tallinn-Riisipere, Tallinn-Paldiski and Tallinn-Klooga beach, which is visited by more than 684,000 passengers each year. To facilitate the movement of these passengers, 370 metres of cycle and pedestrian tracks and 25 metres of access roads were constructed by the railway station. A car park with 160 spaces for bicycles and 54 spaces for cars was constructed in the vicinity of the station, which enables people to leave their other means of transportation in the car park and proceed to their destination by public transport.

In addition to the train station, there is also a local and intercity bus station in the area, which offers better interoperability of different means of transport. Real time information boards of train and bus traffic bring extra convenience to travellers. Signs presenting the local attractions and providing directions to important locations are fitted.

According to Ööle Janson, the EIC’s project coordinator, it is nice to see that this project focuses on people’s needs, giving preference to environmentally sustainable and healthy mobility solutions. “The project resolved one of the biggest problems for people travelling by train: where to leave their car or bicycle.”

“Construction of the local traffic and parking solution significantly improves the quality of life for people in Keila and its vicinity, as it offers a fast and convenient link for using train traffic,” explains Timo Suslov, Deputy Mayor of Keila. “All of this cuts costs for the passengers and is environmentally friendly.”

Background information:

In 2015, the EIC opened its application round for projects developing railway traffic with the aim of providing better links for train traffic with other means of transport, while developing the existing public transport infrastructure. The grant money was divided between 30 projects. Application was open for local municipalities with railroad passing through it.

In total, the state directs close to 13 million euros from the European Cohesion fund through the EIC to linking train stations with other means of transport, to which the contribution of the local municipalities is added. All projects must be completed by 2023 at the latest. By now, links with other means of transport have been constructed in the railway stations of Kehra, Türi and Saue. 

The support measure was developed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.



Fotod: KIK