Purutuli and Kiviluks to receive EUR 1.23 million from the state for enhancing resource efficiency

15. September 2017 | 11:01

The Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) is about to support the timber undertaking Purutuli OÜ with EUR 609,000 and the mining undertaking AS Kiviluks with EUR 623,250. The support is intended to enhance the resource efficiency of undertakings, with the corresponding funds provided by the European Regional Development Fund.

Kiviluks, an undertaking engaged in the treatment of minerals, production of crushed stone and management of quarries, will use the support to renovate the portable production unit located at the Suur-Kõrtsi quarry in Ida-Virumaa County.  The new technology, which also includes a washing line, will enhance the efficiency of extracting clay from between limestone layers and separating low-quality soil.

The project will allow resource use to be reduced by 38 % and emissions of the production process by up to 52 %. Within 15 years, more than 500,000 tonnes of natural resources will be valued, while saving more than a million litres of diesel fuel. Support will make up 45 % of the total cost of the project. The detailed analysis on resource use was carried out by Nordic Energy Solutions OÜ.

“The support will allow us to achieve our primary objective – to value domestic mineral material and to enhance the environmental friendliness and resource efficiency of the production process,” said Enn Kikas, CEO of Kiviluks. 

Purutuli is the second-largest wood pellet manufacturer in Estonia, with 90 % of the output exported to Europe. Within the project framework, the undertaking will set up a new solution for the raw material drying system of the Sauga plant in Pärnumaa County. The solution will allow the energy cost of production to be reduced and the bottleneck in the production chain to be eliminated. The project will allow the plant’s energy use to be reduced by nearly 22 %, and the undertaking to save, over a period of 10 years, more than 262,000 MWh of biofuel on raw material drying. Support will make up 35 % of the total cost of the investment. The detailed analysis on resource use, which serves as a precondition for receiving support, was carried out by Hevac OÜ.

The support for enhancing the resource efficiency of industrial undertakings is granted by the European Regional Development Fund under the “Energy and resource efficiency of undertakings” measure developed by the Ministry of the Environment in co-operation with EIC. The application round is open, with additional information on resource audits intended for processing industry undertakings as well as the application round of investments available on EIC’s website.

Background information:

The purpose of supporting resource efficiency is to increase the resource productivity of the Estonian processing industry undertakings by taking up innovative solutions. It additionally provides an opportunity to improve the reliability of processes and products, in order to reduce interruptions in the daily operation of undertakings and to ensure their normal functioning. 

Until the year 2020, nearly EUR 108 million will be distributed to improve the resource efficiency of undertakings. The budget for this year’s application round is EUR 25 million and is open to investment applications from companies whose principal activities are in the food, wood, paper and pulp, mineral material processing or mining industries.