Negavatt gives Estonia the gift of smart ideas for conserving resources

24. January 2018 | 14:13

For the fifth year in a row, the Environmental Investments Centre (EIC) is organising the resource-conservation competition Negavatt, which is once again awaiting the submission of smart ideas. The best ideas will be made a reality, with up to EUR 10,000 in support. The deadline for submitting ideas is 25 February 2018.

An idea may be a product or service that helps to conserve resources or raises awareness, whether at home, school, the urban environment or around the world

According to Veiko Kaufmann, Director of the EIC, under the instruction of professionals, Negavatt teaches one how to grow an idea on paper into an actual product, service or campaign. ‘With the help of the Negavatt competition, several bold and smart solutions have made our living environment better. Thinking big is what brings success to Negavatt’, he said.

During its fifth anniversary season, Negavatt is awaiting resource-conserving ideas from all youths between the ages of 18 and 30.

‘Based on the experience of the previous four years, we see that young people in the currently open and changing world are thinking about more than everyday school life. Communication is also taking place between people who are of different ages and active in different fields. This is why we are awaiting the submission of ideas to the competition from everyone between the ages of 18 and 30. Also, the submitted idea no longer has to be associated with a particular institution of higher education’, explained Kadi Mitt, Project Manager for Negavatt.

After the deadline for submitting ideas (25 February) the 15 best projects will be selected from those submitted, which will move on to the next phase of the competition. A seminar, taking place on 17-18 March, awaits those ideas that have been selected, in which the ideas will begin to take actual shape under the guidance of trainer Mart Kikas and the mentors. The seven smartest and most well-thought-out ideas will make it to the Negavatt super final on 31 May, where the best of the best will be determined. First place will receive EUR 10,000, second place EUR 5000 and third place will receive EUR 3000, to help bring their ideas to life.

Last season’s Negavatt projects are currently in the final stages of realisation of their ideas. For example, Poko, which makes key-chains from easy to fold re-usable shopping bags, has refined its design and sells them on its homepage. Boxit, a developer of biodegradable food packaging made from recycled materials, has completed a prototype and established its first contacts with catering establishments regarding the use of their packaging. Both projects also made it into the top 100 of the Estonian final of the pan-European competition ClimateLaunchpad and Poko made it into the top 100 of the Ajujaht competition.

Information related to submitting ideas can be found on the Negavatt homepage and the Facebook page.  Negavatt is a competition born out of cooperation between the EIC and the Ministry of the Environment, the goal being to raise resource-related awareness and to encourage the offering of solutions that help to conserve resources.

Additional information: Kadi Mitt, Negavatt Project Manager:  kadi.mitt [at], 524-2602.