Here they are – the top 10 of the green idea competition Negavatt!

13. April 2021 | 16:49

The jury of the green idea competition Negavatt organised by the Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) held virtual meetings with the top 20 teams and selected ten ideas that will continue to compete for the €10,000 grand prize. The best of the competition will be announced on 8 June. In total, Negavatt received a record 113 ideas this season!

CEO at EIC and Chairman of the Jury Andrus Treier highlights the diversity of ideas and thinking beyond the boundaries of young people this year. ‘Most certainly, one keyword includes new materials. But also several circular economy services and innovative technical solutions that, in a good way, could be associated with science fiction,’ Treier said. ‘We favoured those teams in which we saw, above all, the motivation to strive forward and the will to reach a successful result with their idea, as well as the deep desire to come up with a new resource-efficient product or service. It is true that the level of competition is getting higher every year, and the selection was indeed very challenging,’ he added.

Top 10 of the VIII season of Negavatt:

  • Konnekt – an application for your smartphone that combines different plastic cards and allows you to make all the necessary beeps with your phone.
  • Lelukarp – a toy rental service, which is based on the principle of personalised order boxes. It will keep toys in circulation, saves parents’ time and money, and serves the best interests of children.
  • Lemm – a durable fabric made of nettle fibre. The new technology for separating Lemm from crop residues combines the knowledge of the old folks with the modern concept of a sustainable worldview and slow fashion.
  • Myceen – a company developing mushroom materials and related products. The new material has the potential to replace problematic materials in the construction, furniture, and transport sector, as it does not pose a threat to nature and degrades naturally after the end of the life cycle.
  • PlaatinaHunt – the separation of platinum spilled from motor vehicle catalysts from street dust.
  • Päss – a bedspread made of sheep’s wool residue, i.e. a biodegradable gardening product, which is made of local wool. The bedspread gives life to the residue of wool that would otherwise be destroyed. 
  • RingKarp – a reusable food box service for catering establishments to reduce single-use packaging of take-away food.
  • Unknot – an agency specialising in the circular economy, which helps clothes’ manufacturers develop and sell recyclable products from their waste materials. Freelance environmentally conscious designers will be involved to create a diverse network of services and knowledge platform.
  • Villakas – a sponge made of Estonian wool, which can be composted after the end of its useful life.
  • Õõtsvolt – a system that generates electricity from tree movements in the wind.

More information about the ideas is available on the Negavatt website.

The jury consisted of the following persons: CEO at EIC Andrus Treier, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of the Environment Kristi Klaas, Greentech Sector Leader from Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol Ragmar Saksing, Adviser of Sustainable Development at the Nordic Council of Ministers Madis Tilga, and Conscious Lifestyle Promoter and Founder of the online store Slow Helen Puistaja.

The ten finalists will now receive €1,000 to develop their ideas and they will also pass a thorough training program in the coming months, where they will learn various nuances of service design, secrets of the financial world, and the charms of social media. The teams will meet with the jury again in front of the public on 8 June at the Super Final event, where they have to demonstrate their further developments. The grand prize of the competition is €10,000, the second place will receive €5,000, and the third €3,000 to implement their ideas. In addition, the partners of the competition will also award both non-financial and financial prizes.

Negavatt is a competition established in cooperation between the EIC and the Ministry of the Environment, and it aims to increase environmental awareness and encourage people to offers solutions that contribute to saving resources. During the eight seasons, the competition has received a total of 479 ideas, which have been supported by the EIC with a total of €222,000. 

The supporters of Negavatt are Eesti Pandipakend and Paulig Estonia. The partners of the competition include: Rimi Eesti Foods, Ülemiste City, Tehnopol Startup Incubator, Luminor, Admiral Markets, Estonian Centre for Defence Investment, and the competitions Prototron and Ajujaht.