Grant for local governments to buy bio-waste composters and containers made available

03. September 2021 | 14:33

As of today, 1 September, local governments can apply for a grant from the Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) to buy bio-waste containers and composters. The budget in the application round is EUR 1.455 million and applications will be accepted until 1 November 2021.

Minister of the Environment Tõnis Mölder says that it must be possible to dispose of bio-waste at the source of the waste or, alternatively, compost it by the end of 2023, at the latest. ‘This means that regularly emptied bio-waste containers or composters must be located near people’s homes. I believe that the grant will help municipalities to meet this requirement.’

Antti Tooming, Head of the Department of Grants and Services of EIC, says that residents will have the opportunity to obtain a composter or container for their household after the local government has received a positive decision from EIC and started distributing them in their area. ‘Before asking for a grant, we encourage local governments to ask their residents how much interest there is so that composters and containers can later be distributed in the most effective way.’

Applications are awaited from local governments and the cooperating organisations they have set up. In addition to the purchase of containers and composters, grants will be given for the production of project-related publications, digital materials, and outreach. A household composter is considered to be a composter with a capacity of up to 420 litres, to which access by birds and animals is restricted, in which host micro- and macro-organisms help to aerobically decompose bio-waste generated by households. A bio-waste container is a container of up to 140 litres that is meant for the collection of bio-waste.

The conditions of the grant do not limit the size of the areas and households for which the containers or composters are intended. If the municipality provides the composter or container free of charge to residents, it remains the property of the municipality. If the resident has to contribute financially, they become the owner of the equipment. They are obligated to use composters and containers for a period of three years.

One applicant can apply for a grant of up to EUR 200,000 or a maximum of 90% of the cost. Applications with a bigger self-contribution, and which include both containers and composters, will receive more points. In the case of a tie, applications with a lower grant amount will be preferred. Applications can be submitted until 1 November 2021 at 17:00 in the E-toetus environment. The grant information day will take place on 3 September at 10:00 online. Other waste-related grants available at the EIC will also be presented at this information day. More information from the EIC website.

In autumn 2020, a call for applications for local governments to support their integrated separate waste collection solutions closed for the first time. Under this round, 10 local governments received grants totalling EUR 1.4 million. Of these, Harku, Võru, Tartu and Keila also purchased home composters for their residents, while other municipalities used the support to build waste stations and waste houses. This grant round is only for the purchase of bio-waste containers and composters. The grant was developed by the Ministry of the Environment and will be distributed through the Emissions Trading System.