The first LED street lights were switched on in 7 Estonian towns

19. February 2015 | 11:14

As of today, the first new LED street lights have been installed in Võru, Haapsalu, Valga, Kuressaare, Jõhvi, Keila and Paide, on the initiative of the EIC. Work will continue, and the towns involved in the project will receive a completely renovated street lighting network, along with an intelligent control system, by October of this year.

“Concurrent replacement of LED street lights on this scale has never been done in Europe before. The project is even more unique, since in addition to the 12,000 lights the towns will also be receiving a new street lighting infrastructure and intelligent control system,” said Tõnis Kurrik, head of EIC’s street lighting project. “The works have remained on schedule, and I am also pleased with the positive feedback received from the townspeople,” he said.

Photo gallery of the new LED street lighting in Keila, Võru and Paide.

“When the new lights, together with their intelligent control system, enter full-scale operation in Paide, it will mean an annual monetary savings of nearly EUR 25,000 for the town on electricity alone,” said Andrus Tull, a representative of the town of Paide. According to Tull, it is equally important for the town that a large segment of the depreciated cables will be replaced within the framework of the project, thanks to which there will be fewer dark streets in the future due to power failures.

The construction works for the street lighting project started in the towns in October 2014 with the installation of underground cable lines, the dismantling of old lighting poles and their replacement with new ones. The works will be completed this fall.

The EIC began preparations for the street lighting programme for the towns in September 2012. The project started in cooperation with the Republic of Austria, which bought unused CO2 units from the Estonian state. The EIC will direct the profit earned from the sale to the renovation of street lighting in seven towns. In addition to Austria and the EIC, local governments are also participating in the project, covering 10% of the cost of the lighting renovations.

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