The EIC’s application round received 13 project applications

31. August 2017 | 10:10

The application round of the environmental programme of the Foundation Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) for forestry and the protection of atmospheric air received 13 project applications in the total sum of 349,717 euros.

The largest total sum of grants is requested in the field of forestry—185,462 euros and 6 projects. All of the applications are aiming to raise hunting-related awareness among the public and hunters.

In the field of the protection of atmospheric air, the total application sum is 164,255 euros for 7 projects. The programme for the protection of atmospheric air supports projects for the action plans of reducing disturbances caused by physical sources of pollution, among them noise maps and noise reduction action plans and the compilation and publication of applied research on reducing the disturbance.

All forestry projects submitted to the application round were nation-wide. In the protection of atmospheric air, two applications come from Harju County and Lääne-Viru County, one from Pärnu County and Tartu County and one project is nation-wide. 

The EIC assesses the compliance of the applications and then sends them to the sectoral working groups operating at the Ministry of the Environment to be evaluated. The beneficiaries will be established this autumn.

Background information

In July, the EIC opened its environmental programme’s second round for applications for 2017 for environmental projects in the field of forestry and the protection of atmospheric air. Application was open until 28 August 2017. The round for applications was open for specific activities. The budget in this round for applications is 300,000 euros. Of this sum, 200 000 is intended for projects for the protection of atmospheric air and 100,000 for forestry projects.