The EIC opens the environmental programme’s application round

05. February 2018 | 09:50

EIC opens the first round for applications under the 2018 environmental programme, with an approved volume of EUR 14.7 million. The deadline for filing the applications is 5 March, through the electronic database KIKAS.

The application round will be opened in nine fields: environmental awareness, water economy, forestry, nature conservation, fishery, protection of atmospheric air, marine environment, the Earth’s crust and circular economy.

“The round to be opened focuses on very topical fields right now and this is a good opportunity for partnership with the state in order to realise one’s ideas,” Siim Kiisler, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the EIC said. “As an innovation, the previous programmes of waste handling and management of the environment have been merged into one circular economy programme. Also, there is a possibility to apply for EU funding for waste handling through the EIC. I am pleased that with this, the state is seeing the whole picture and is not funding similar activities from different sources,” Kiisler admitted, adding that the second round is to also be opened this autumn.

Out of the total budget of the round, 7.5 million euros will be given to water management to ensure the availability of high-quality drinking water and sewerage service throughout Estonia. Environmental awareness projects will receive 2 million euros. All projects of nature conservation, the Earth’s crust, circular economy and protection of atmospheric air will receive one million euros. 800,000 euros is allocated to forestry, 350,000 to fishery and 100,000 to marine environment.

In each field, certain activities are supported, which have been described in more detail on the homepage of EIC. The round includes several new features; information is available on the homepage of the EIC as well as in the regulation of the Minister of the Environment, serving as the basis for funding.

Assistance and advice can be obtained from the environmental programme specialists and rural representatives of the EIC and during information days, to be held in Pärnu-Jaagupi, Pärnu, Pähni (Võru County), Jõhvi, Tartu, Viljandi, Põlva, Palade (Hiiu County) and Tallinn. Prior registration on EIC’s homepage is required to participate in the information days.