The best Negavatt team wishes to make the use of reusable cups more convenient

11. June 2018 | 12:23

Last night, on 6 June, the three best ideas were chosen at the super final of Negavatt, the resource-conserving competition of the Environmental Investment Centre (EIC). The 10,000 euro main prize was given to the team Circup who produces machines for gas stations and coffee shops based on dry ice technology, which are made for quickly washing reusable cups.

According to the jury member and the Minister of the Environment Siim Kiisler, all six finalist teams were quite equal and their ideas were cool. "The opinions of the jury were very different but this shows how equal the projects were this year." says Kiisler explaining that the success of the winners was primarily due to the fact that they made it their mission to solve a big problem, which was technically difficult but possible, and that some previous tester had shied away from it. "I hope that they will continue to push this idea with full force," says Kiisler encouraging the winners.

Second place was earnt by the team 3Cular who makes it possible to 3D print from saw dust mass and, therefore, create complicated details which would require too much time and resources using regular work techniques. Third place was earnt by the team E-assessment of resource usage who will create a web solution, which can be used by Estonian kindergartens and schools to assess the usage of their resources and environmental impact.

"The five seasons of Negavatt have shown that this competition is an excellent way to bring clever environmental ideas to life and it is always highly anticipated amongst young people,” explains jury member, EIC’s manager, Veiko Kaufmann. "I hope that this season’s top three have enough enthusiasm and motivation to realise their ideas. This is what the prize money is intended for.”

The super final, which took place in Tallinn at the club Laev, consisted of six ideas who made it to the final of 55 projects submitted to the competition. First place received 10,000, second 5,000 and third 3,000 euros to realise their ideas. During its fifth anniversary season, Negavatt accepted resource-conserving ideas from young people between the ages of 18 and 30.

The jury consisted of the Minister of the Environment Siim Kiisler, EIC’s manager Veiko Kaufmann, Prototron's facility manager Jana Pavlenkova, Cleantech ForEst’s CEO and Climate Launchpad Estonia’s organiser Erki Ani and Re-use Centre’s circular economy counsellor Kerli Kant Hvass.

More information about the winners can be found on Negavatt's home page and their videos are on EIC's Youtube channel.

Negavatt is a competition born out of cooperation between the EIC and the Ministry of the Environment, the goal being to raise resource-related awareness and to encourage the offering of solutions that help to conserve resources.






Fotod: Harry Tiits