Application round for nature conservation projects set to open

24. April 2019 | 17:27

The Environmental Investments Centre (EIC) is announcing an application round, through which support will be provided for the reconstruction, construction and acquisition of infrastructure necessary for the preservation of semi-natural communities, and the acquisition of work equipment and livestock. Applications will be received from 6 May.

According to Siim Kiisler, the Minister of the Environment and the Chairman of EIC’s Supervisory Board, the purpose of the application round is to improve the conditions of semi-natural communities that are currently in poor condition. ‘We support the acquisition of bovine, ovine, caprine and equine animals and the shelters, water reservoirs and enclosures necessary for their grazing. We also support the acquisition of necessary equipment. I believe that in this way we can improve the condition of their semi-natural communities, at least a little,’ said the minister.

Detailed information about the application round can be found here, on the EIC homepage. Applicants may be non-profit organisations and foundations which, according to the statute, are active in nature conservation, and local governments and government alliances. The minimum sum of the grant is EUR 4000, the maximum rate of support is 85% of the eligible costs.

The E-support environment will begin accepting applications as of 6 May 2019, and they must be submitted with the approval of the Environmental Board. As far as the acquisition of infrastructure is concerned, it is possible to apply for support from the EIC Environment Programme to the extent of the project's own contribution. Applications will be accepted until the budget is exhausted, and the closing of the round will be announced on the EIC homepage.

The grant will be provided through the 2014-2020 structural support period  measure Conservation and restoration of protected species and habitats  and the Cohesion Fund of the European Union. The measure was developed by the Ministry of the Environment.