Apartment associations are allocated a grant for the replacement of heaters or for joining the district heating system

20. May 2019 | 16:11

Starting from 1 August, the apartment associations may apply for a grant from the Environmental Investments Centre (EIC) to replace the heaters that are biomass or fossil (except for natural gas) fuelled or that use direct electrical heating with a device using renewable fuel. The grant can also be applied for connecting the building with the district heating system.

“Evidently, the goal of all apartment associations is energy saving and lower costs on utility bills. Also, the quality of ambient air is no less important,” says Andrus Treier, CEO of the EIC, explaining the reasons behind the grant. “We allocate the grant to those apartment associations, whose houses were built before 1 January 2010, since these houses were not built in a very energy-efficient way and their heating devices may need replacement.”

The grant can be applied:

  • for the replacement of a biomass fuelled boiler with a biomass fuelled boiler,
  • for the replacement of a biomass fuelled boiler with some other renewable fuel solution,
  • for the replacement of a fuel system running on fossil fuel (except for natural gas) with a renewable fuel solution,
  • for the replacement of a fuel system running on biomass or fossil fuel with the district heating network.

 “We prefer connection to the district heating network, since this is the best possible solution in terms of the environmental protection aspects and it also contributes to the sustainability of district heating networks,” explains Eduard Sizov, head of EIC’s energy area. “In this case, the project cost may also include the works related to the internal heating system of the building. For other options, the project must be drawn up without including the internal heating systems.”

To apply for the grant, it is not relevant that the building is previously renovated, however, the apartment association must include its vision when submitting the application and the planned activities for insulating the building. The own contribution in applying for the grant must be 50% of the eligible project costs.

Applications can be submitted from 1 August until 30 September via the data system KIKAS, yet, the applications can already be entered starting from the beginning of summer. More detailed information can be found on the EIC homepage or inquired about from the project coordinator Reet Uts (reet.utsu [at] kik.ee, 6 274 328).

The grant is allocated from the protection of atmospheric air programme of the national environmental programme. The grant was developed by the Ministry of the Environment.